Production & Development

Interactive Department

Our Interactive Team enjoy the excitement of combining technology and creativity. They are responsible for developing, producing and hosting our online initiatives.

The Tug Boat Ben Kids Club & Theme Park is our newest and largest online interactive project. This is an entertainment and educational spin-off based the series The Adventures of Tug Boat Ben. While membership to the Club is free, entrance to The Land of Alderney Theme Park will be available on a paid subscription basis. It is our intention to continually expand the park adding new attractions and features based on membership support.

Alderney Publishing Inc.

Alderney Publishing Inc. is a publisher of quality literary material for children and young readers. As a Canadian publishing company with global interests its head office located in Toronto, Canada. The company was formed as joint venture of Alderney Studios Inc. and other financial equity partners. Under this corporate umbrella, it publishes material for an international multilingual audience developed by Alderney Studios Inc. or acquired and developed independently.

The corporation adheres to its position to promote reading initiatives for children and to provide products and services that are non-violent, politically and religiously neutral and promote positive respect and value for life.

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